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Lucia Vilar ha sido alumna de nuestros programas junior durante 4 veranos. Para nosotros ha sido un enorme placer verla crecer y madurar verano a verano. Lucía es extremadamente positiva, siempre deseosa de participar en las actividades y gran compañera en el día a día con el resto de alumnos.

Estas son sus palabras sobre su experiencia con nosotros:

My experience with h4

In this article I’m going to talk about how was my experience with h4 in Ireland. I met this company because my mother knows the organizer and he told her about the project and began to be interested in it. So she decided to send me 3 weeks to Athy.

At the beginning I had little desire and I was very nervous because I was so young, but when I arrived, when I met the teachers and classmates my expectations changed completely. It must be said that, because a problem with my first family, I was moved to another one and they could do it without problems. So I can guarantee that if you need to be changed, don’t be afraid because they will help you and they will do it with all the desire of the world and without problems.

It was three great weeks and they went by very quickly. Because of this, when I arrived to Spain I asked my mum to repeat next year. The activities and the host families were fantastic, as well I really liked the meetings every afternoon and the excursions on Saturdays.

In these 4 years that I have been coming to Ireland with h4, I have learned many things. For example, to take care of myself, to be autonomous, social, friendly, kind, respectful… Things that I had already acquired and I hope that they will help me for my future.

Thanks to this experiences I have known myself better, which for me is the most important thing. I recommend to travel with h4 because you will not regret it. I’ve been a student for many years and it’s in my future plans to become a monitor, because here you also form a great family which grows more and more.

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